ADVENT: Mary responded to God with faithfulness and love.

We are learning about Mary’s response to God.

Students will learn:

  • about Mary’s response to God’s call
  • about Mary’s response as an example for all Christians
Guiding question: 
  • How does history inform choice and understanding?
What does it mean to have faith?
How are choice and faith connected?·       
How does a response to a choice impact on self and others?

What is faith?

Listen to this song and consider how the ideas might connect to faith.

Read the lyrics as you listen.

What is the history of the word ‘faith’?

How might thinking about the song, its lyrics and the word history of faith, influence you?

How are loyalty and faith similar and different?

What experiences, feelings or perspectives influence the choices you make in a friendship?

What does faithfulness mean?

How does adding the affixes ‘FUL’ and ‘NESS’ influence our understanding of the word FAITH?

What choices do we know have because of this understanding?